We have been delivering training to schools, prisons and corporate organisations for the past ten years.  The training offered is interactive, educational and empowering.  

ADHD Awesome is a psycho-education programme developed to help young people understand their ADHD diagnosis.

It involves the whole family discovering and learning about ADHD, the impact it has upon them as well as strategies on how to work WITH ADHD rather than against it.

Throughout the five weekly sessions we will explore the ADHD brain and how it works, communication strategies and how to respond instead of reacting, mindfulness and meditation, strengthening a positive growth mindset as well as how to support the executive functions.

The programme is worked around you and your needs. It is adapted to you and your family and is personalised so that you get the most out of our time together.

ADHD Awareness - Online - 24th November, 2022 at 6:30pm

Join Beverley for an online ADHD Awareness, 2-hour, workshop which is designed to help you have a deeper understanding of ADHD, look at dispelling the myths and discovering facts surrounding it and explore the strengths that are inherent within a person with ADHD.  We will also look at support strategies and have time for questions and shared experiences.

1-2-3- Magic works by addressing the task of disciplining children ages 2 through 12 without arguing, yelling, or smacking. 

This program offers easy-to-follow steps to immediately manage troublesome behaviour with reason, patience, and compassion. Parents and teachers learn how to encourage and respect children's growing independence with 10 strategies for building self-esteem.

Also discussed are the three most important qualities for parents or teachers to exhibit in order to foster competence in kids. Tips are included on how to prevent homework arguments, make mealtimes more enjoyable, conduct effective family meetings, and encourage children to start doing their household chores. This award-winning program discusses the importance of establishing and maintaining a home in a fair and calm way.

The ADHD Awareness training can be delivered, online, via Zoom or in a group setting.  During the course we:

Explore the definition of ADHD.
Identify the physical, behavioural and mental symptoms surrounding  ADHD.
Recognise facts which dispel myths about ADHD.
Describe co-morbidities associated with ADHD.
Discuss treatments available for ADHD.
Investigate ways of supporting an individual with ADHD.

This is an interactive and motivating course delivered by Beverley who has the lived experience of ADHD! Here is some feedback from previous participants:

"I don't want this webinar to end.  Bev is so engaging, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. By far the best training/learning I have done. Thank you SO much Bev"

"I've never seen a presenter so enthusiastic and knowledgeable about a subject, fantastic work!"

"Great session, Bev, what a powerhouse!"

The Coaching Young People For Success Modules and leader training are structured around a two stage coaching approach based on the signature POWER Coaching Model© and The GOAL Coaching Conversation©. 

Stage 1. The P.O.W.E.R Coaching Model©
The POWER Coaching Model combines powerful strategies from evidenced based Coaching and Positive Psychology and Hope Theory that assist young people to connect to who they are and design an inspiring and hope filled life, career and school performance pathway plan that matches their vision, values, strengths and aspirations.

The POWER Coaching Model guides the coaching process through five steps that together enhance the self-awareness, hope, self belief and the motivation young people need to assist them achieve greater wellbeing and flourish in all areas of their life. 

Stage 2. The GOAL Coaching Conversation©
The GOAL Coaching Conversation is designed to assist the coach in leading powerful future-focused coaching conversations that keep young people focused and motivated to strive towards their goals on an ongoing basis.