The European Brain Ambassador training took place in Malaga followed by specialist 'Strength Based Coaching' techniques which were taught in Rotterdam.

Did you know that some 10% of adults in the workforce have a 'Special' brain? These are people with AD/HD, Autism, Asperger's, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, etc. and Giftedness who tend to have special talents. Examples of these talents include creativity, quick to grasp the big picture, being able to hyper focus for long periods, thinking outside the box, pattern recognition, detail oriented, visual thinking, photographic memory, high levels of energy, and crisis management skills, which are often not recognised or utilised by their employers because the focus is on their deficits. 

As part of the 'European Brains @ Work' Network, and as one of the newly trained Brain Ambassadors, ADHD Sheppey are keen to spread awareness among employers, institutions of Higher Education, employee unions and federations, etc. across Europe. This training was made possible by co-funding through the Erasmus+ KAI Adult Education Mobility programme of the European Union.